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£900 Roller Doors

Budget Roller Doors

We visit a high number of roller doors that have collapsed in the garage or separated from the barrel, all of these originally cost around £900. 

Roller Doors should be manufactured to the required standards of the UK and tested to real life conditions. 

Roller Doors should be supplied with a minimum of a 5 year warranty, many of these budget roller doors are only covered for the period of 12 months. 

The reality of living with an unsafe door could have serious consequences, as the door could collapse on to you, another person or object. 

When they do go wrong, you’ll have the added expense of emergency assistance and the cost of replacing the door. 

Buy a roller door once, buy a Garage Door Systems ThermaRoll!

Breaking in to a

Budget Roller Door

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Breaking in to a 

Quality Roller Door

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